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Germany’s largest e-learning provider Lecturio is a Leipzig startup from HHL. When Lecturio’s  founder and current board member Martin Schlichte heard about HHL’s success in Gründungsradar he sent his congratulations:

“Wow! Congratulations HHL on receiving this award! What an amazing accomplishment!

HHL provided me with all tools and contacts necessary to be a successful founder. This ranged not only from helping me develop the initial business idea and providing me with a strong theoretical foundation especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing – but also in connecting me to the best network of founders, professors, mentors, and investors. I truly believe that HHL had a substantial influence in making me the founder I am today.”


Martin Schlichte (photo) and Tim Koschella, graduates of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, founded Lecturio in 2008 in a Leipzig student apartment with the aim of recording lectures from German higher education institutions which would allow students to continue their studies independent of place and time. In 2010, they established a new business model based upon their own, as well as custom-made, white-label productions. For about ten years now, Lecturio has produced educational videos for students, companies and enthusiastic learners. With more than 19,500 video courses, the Leipzig-based startup now belongs among the biggest e-learning providers for private, academic and professional training and continuing education in Germany. Courses in over 80 topics covering such subjects as medicine, law, software, career, leisure and health are available with a click and, naturally, work on smart phones and tablets as well. Big clients like Viessmann Group, multiple TÜV companies and KSB AG produce internal training videos with Lecturio today.

Startup scene is a locational advantage

Lecturio has remained true to its Leipzig location not just because of the investment by Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (Saxony Technology Startup Fund). Based upon a high quality of life, good transportation connections, renowned research institutions and a growing number of students, Leipzig has developed a prosperous startup scene in the last few years.

In the meantime the company is operating far outside its state borders. Ten years after founding Lecturio, Martin Schlichte decided to join the board, and today the remaining Co-CEOs Pascal Bendien and Stefan Wisbauer continue to successfully lead the company by also entering the eLearning market abroad. By launching an English-language learning portal for training medical personnel, Lecturio GmbH is expanding its international business into the USA, Asia as well as the Middle East and Africa. As of now, over 350,000 students at 600 universities worldwide have benefited from more than 5,500 video courses, produced in the Leipzig studios with hand-picked medical lecturers from the USA, Australia and the UK. Especially noteworthy: Lecturio professors teach at five of the ten leading international medical faculties; including Ivy League universities such as Brown, Harvard and Yale. Since March of 2017, medical students in Afghanistan, Somaliland und Tanzania have also been able to learn with Lecturio. The Medical Development Initiative, or MEDI, is pursuing the goal of improving medical training in developing and threshold countries.

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Photo (c) Robert Strahler