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  • Hoodie (grey or blue) – EUR 34.00
  • Zip Hoodie (grey) – EUR 39.90
  • Polo Shirt (grey) – EUR 18.00
  • T-Shirt (grey or blue) – EUR 11.00
  • Sport Shirt (blue) – EUR 17.00


  • Ball pen (blue) – EUR 1.00
  • Paper pen – EUR 0.70
  • Rollerball pen – EUR 36.00
  • Notepad grid – EUR 1.20
  • Notebook (grey) – EUR 19.00

Bags and Others

  • Paper bag (grey) – EUR 2.20
  • Cloth bag (blue) – EUR 4.00
  • Gym sac (grey) – EUR 5.00
  • Shoulder bag – EUR 45.00
  • Cup bamboo – EUR 6.00
  • Display cleaner – EUR 1.00
  • Lanyard (blue) – EUR 2.00
  • Umbrella (automatic) – EUR 20.00
  • USB stick – EUR 9.00


In harmony with the environment

All merchandising clothing is of superior quality and exclusively made for HHL.
All items are available in relevant sizes. Clothes may be tried on during a visit.

Responsibility is part of the mission statement of HHL and of the Leipzig Leadership Model developed by HHL in 2016. We are truely convinced that everyone can contribute to maintaining a world worth living for the next generations. We therefore are dedicated to make environmental consideration part of our daily life and deal responsibly with resources. HHL’s sustainably produced and GOTS-certified HHL clothing supports fair working conditions during manufacture and stands for an environmentally friendly production process

Student feedback

Jill Tönsmann
M.Sc. class of 2019

The hoodie is the super comfortable and just perfect for long days at uni! Must have for any member of the HHL family!


HHL style note pads and pens for uni or conferences or home and friends.
The high-quality notebook is your companion whereever you go.

Bags and Others

We offer bags for all purposes. Store your sports clothes in the gymsac, carry your food and vegetable in the cloth bag or keep your laptop safe from rain in the shoulder bag.

Have a coffee to go in the HHL style bamboo cup and protect the environment.

You can also buy our merchandising as a present for friends or family! The paper bag makes a good wrapping …


All merchandising products can be bought at HHL Campus, SB-103 (Schmalenbach Building) at the Department Events and Marketing Services (1st floor).

Service Times
Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Please agree on a date in advance when you plan bulk buys (more than 10 items).
For prices see the overview on top of this page.

Shipping orders:
Please send your order together with the recipient and invoice address by mail. You will then receive an invoice with a respective payment request. Once the payment was booked to the HHL account, we will send the ordered items to you.

I am looking forward to your order

Claudia Drews
Events and Services