Outgoing Student Mobility (SMS)

Erasmus Financing Options & Scholarships

Financial Support


HHL students have the opportunity to study in a different European country and to expand their social and cultural competencies. They learn more about the academic system of a foreign university and its teaching and learning methods. Financial support is possible for stays lasting between three and twelve months. Also doctoral students can apply. Academic stay will be supported in all participating countries.

A financial support of Erasmus+ stays is regulated according to different levels of living costs in program target countries:

For the academic year 2020/21:

Group 1 450 Euro/month : Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, UK.
Group 2 390 Euro/month: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.
Group 3 330 Euro/month: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey.

In addition, for all country groups an extra payment of 200 Euro/month are paid to: – students with disabilities (German disability card showing a GdB of min 30% required) and – students accompanied by own children during the mobility.

All payments will be calculated on a daily basis, according to the confirmed duration of the study abroad period.



The following benefits are given to students:

  • mobility grant
  • tuition fee waiver at the host institution (not at the home institution)
  • support in the preparation of the study abroad period
  • academic recognition of the results achieved abroad, according to the learning agreement.
  • Special grants for single students with children
  • Special grants for students with disabilities

Erasmus+ News

  • Students may receive financial support several times during each cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD).
  • The maximum support is 12 months for each cycle. The minimum duration for a financial support is 3 months.
  • Students who want to earn a master degree abroad within Europe, may apply for a bank loan with low interest rates.


The prerequitites for a study abroad within Erasmus+ are:

  • must be an Erasmus eligible partner university, holding a valid ECHE, see HHL partner universities
  • selection of students according to the general guidelines for study abroad
  • the study period does not exceed the limit of 12 months per study cycle
  • all documents (see below) must be submitted on time.

All eligible students will be contacted by the International Office immediately after decision for an Erasmus eligible university.

  • For 2019/20: fixed amount of EUR 450/390/330 per month depending on to country group / detailled calculation on a daily basis

Single participants with child abroad and participants with disabilities should contact the International Office for more information.

Mandatory language tests

Effective October 2014 there is a online language test, provided by the EU, in different languages available. This test is mandatory for all students within Erasmus+, in case the working language abroad is covered by the language test. This test must be taken twice, before and after the mobility. In case the first test is passed with a C2-result, the second test is waived.

Erasmus+ Student Charta

Duties and right of students within the Erasmus+ Program are laid down in the Erasmus+ Student Charta.


All funded persons, taking part in Erasmus+ mobility are obliged to report online via a „mobility plus tool“ after the study abroad period. This is in addition to the mandatory report for the HHL, to be provided on the intranet.