Staff Mobility (ST)

Erasmus Financing Options & Scholarships

Financial Support

A financial support of Erasmus mobilities for teaching abroad or for administrative stays is granted according to different levels of living costs in target countries.
For German institutions the following fixed amounts per day are given according to four country groups, valid for the first 14 days. Between day 15 and 60 the support is 70% of the amounts below. In addition, the maximum support is limited by the number of days agreed with the partner in inter-institutional contracts, and by the total amount approved by DAAD.

For the academic years 2020/21:

Group 1: 180 Euro per day for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden, UK.
Group 2: 160 Euro per day for Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain.
Group 3: 140 Euro per day for Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey.

In addition travel costs will be paid, according to the real distance between starting point and target destination. This has to be calculated with the distance calculator of the EU.
The following amounts apply:

for the academic years 2019/20:
10 – 99km: 20EUR
100-499km: 180 EUR
500-1999km: 275 EUR
2000-2999km: 360EUR
3000-3999km: 530EUR
4000-7999km: 820EUR
8000+km: 1.500EUR


Teaching Staff Mobility (STA)

Erasmus+ is funding guest professors going to such partner universities which hold a valid Erasmus Charta for higher educational institutions (ECHE), and where HHL has signed an contract on exchange of teaching staff. Guest professors should strengthen the European dimension at the host institutions, to complement their teaching offers and to provide knowledge to such students whio are unable to study abroad.
If possible, the development of joint study programs and the exchange of teaching content and methods should be promoted.

Staff mobility can be supported in a participating country, and can not be the country of the sending institution or the main residence of the  participating staff member.

The duration of a supported teaching staff exchange is between two days and two months (all without travel times); the minimum teaching load is 8 hours per week or parts of it. In addition, the duration is limited by the agreed number of days in HHL’s inter-institutional agreements with partner institutions.


  • professors employed at HHL
  • professors emeritus, former employed at HHL
  • other teaching staff, employed at HHL
  • teaching and research assistants, employed at HHL

Mobility for Administrative Staff and for Further Education (STT)

Erasmus+ supports further education of staff in the program countries with the aim of a development of internationalization.
The receiving institution for HHL staff must hold a valid ECHE and must be listed as a partner institution of HHL.
The minimum stay abroad is two days, the maximum two months (all excluding travel). In addition, a stay at the host institution is limited to the days agreed within the agreements with the partner institution.
With STT a financial support is enabled for staff from all areas, i.e. as examples: general administration, Library, academic departments, Finance, International Office, Public Relations, Alumni Center, Marketing, IT, Student Affairs, Research Transfer Center, …

Formats of further education, as examples:
job shadowing, study visits, participation in workshops, language training

Advantages of such a stay abroad:

  • Stay on the basis of a coordinated program
  • Exchange of ideas and new perspectives
  • Strengthening own competencies
  • Expanding networks


All funded persons, taking part in Erasmus+ mobility are obliged to report online via a „mobility plus tool“ after the teaching/educational abroad period.