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Negotiation Workshop maximizes student potential

Last week, Dr. Manfred Hückel held his “Negotiation Workshop” at HHL with the M.Sc. 18 class. Mr. Hückel´s teaching is based on 20 years of professional experience in negotiating with managers & politicians, working as former Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Board at Red Bull GmbH. In his academic career, he had the pleasure to complete several training courses in the USA, such as “Teaching Negotiation in the Corporation” (Harvard Program on Negotiation), “Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program” (Stanford University) and ʺNegotiationsʺ (University of North Carolina). Besides his corporate career, Mr. Hückel established himself as teacher holding leadership lectures and courses at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (WU), the University of St. Gallen (CH) – And at HHL!

Mr. Hückels workshop is an interactive invitation to role plays, discussions, team work and assignments, applied to four different sessions. His inter-university consortium on negotiation theory has the goal to improve the students’ chances to “win” in future bargaining situations. Their learning effect shall derive from the experiences they had during the class. Mr. Hückel explicitly wants his students to learn from both each other’s mistakes and success stories.

What was your first impression of the participants of this workshop?

Manfred Hückel: “The students of the workshop are very diverse internationally and are characterized by a particularly high level of commitment, which is reflected in the passionately conducted negotiations in the various role plays. In addition, it is noticeable that the students know each other well due to the almost family size of the program and are more personally involved than in the mass programs of other universities”.

Yuxuan Zou: “Although negotiation skills are important for me as business student, I didn’t learn much about it during my former studies. From this workshop, I have learned two things in particular: first, there is always the option to not achieve a deal; and second, with appropriate cooperation, either side of the negotiation can be better off.”
(Yuxuan Zou, 24, Double B.A. of Business Administration at Shanghai University, China & University of Technology, Sydney)

Key theory components of Mr. Hückels consortium are such as the “three steps of negotiation”: Preparation, creating value, and claiming value, as well as the three central questions of “What do I want?”, “Why do I want this?” and “What would be the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (B.A.T.N.A.)?” Furthermore, Mr. Hückel presents the link between certain personality types and negotiation gains, illustrated by the “Rambo” and “Bambi” personality. He presents a set of leadership skills that come in handy to identify someone’s strengths. In the end, the aim is to find negotiation solutions, perhaps by giving “tit for tat” or by identifying the true purpose of a desire.

Dezhi Jiang: “First of all, the What, Why and B.A.T.N.A. model was a really helpful tool for me to position myself before starting the negotiation simulation. I learned a lot from Mr. Hückel, who not only shared vivid stories of real cases he had experienced, but also his own lifelong beliefs.”
(Dezhi Jiang, 23, double-degree student with the Shanghai International Studies University, China)

To what extent do you think the participants will learn something for both their careers and lives?

Manfred Hückel: “I hope that the participants will regularly emerge as winners in future negotiations because they will be better prepared than their counterparts. And for their life after university, they hopefully take along that long-term relationships have more value than short-term “cash-outs” – and that their children will be the most difficult negotiators you can ever have…”

Adrian Bencze: “Even if I will understand the true art of negotiation only through experience, I am now more aware of its techniques and methods and I feel much more comfortable about possibly taking a role as a negotiator one day. I have learned valuable aspects on how to fully maximize my potential, also regarding job interviews.”
(Adrian Bencze, 22, B.A. of Economics, exchange student from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Romania)

Moritz Poprawe: “Mr. Hückel was very open-minded, honest and at times funny, which made the course credible and interesting. I took lessons for negotiation on both a personal and professional level – be it a discussion with a family member or a salary negotiation in a job interview.”
(Moritz Carl Ferdinand Poprawe, 25, B.A. Management & Economics at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen)

Prajakta Padmaker Pande: “What I particularly liked about the workshop was that it was interactive and practical. The role plays showed me exact situations and mistakes I made and helped me to reflect on my strategies in detail and learn from them”.
(Prajakta Padmaker Pande, 23, B.A. of Commerce, Pune University, India)

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Photo © by Victoria Welsh
l2r: Moritz Poprawe, Adrian Bencze, Prajakta Padmaker Pande, Yuxuan Zou, Dr. Manfred Hückel