Virtual Sneak Peek: How to Become a Great Negotiator – Intuition, Research and Practice



Online, 5 pm (CEST)


Jun 4, 2020


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You are interested in an international and top-ranked Master in Management or MBA Program?

Then seize the opportunity and broaden your view! HHL invites you to a Virtual Sneak Peak on the topic “How to become a great negotiator? Intuition, research and practice” with Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski (photo above).

In the modern, interconnected network economy, negotiation has become one of the most important skills of successful managers and entrepreneurs. HHL has been one of the pioneers in this field in Germany, offering negotiation courses for almost 20 years of its modern history.

Our passion for theory and practice of negotiation culminated in launching The Negotiation Challenge ( which has become a major international negotiation competition for students and practitioners in the world.

Yet, despite four decades of extensive research, the most fundamental questions in the field remain largely open. How can we systematically capture and compare the negotiators’ performance? What are the characteristics of great negotiators? Finally, and most importantly: How can we become great negotiators ourselves? The answers to these questions can help us design better negotiation courses and offer fairer negotiation competitions.

In our open lecture, we will contrast our intuitive answer to these questions with the first research results and discuss how to apply these insights in practice.

  • 5.00 pm: Welcome and introduction to HHL
  • 5.15 pm: Virtual lecture on „How to become a great negotiator? Intuition, research and practice“
  • 6.00 pm: Open Q&A session where you can ask all your questions regarding our programs and the lecture
  • 6.15 pm: End

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