Chair of Law of Economic Regulation

Prof. Dr. iur. Liv Jaeckel


Chair of Law of Economic Regulation



Academic Group

Economics and Regulation


Prof. Dr. iur. Liv Jaeckel

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Vera Götz



Research Areas

Public economic regulation on national, European and international level
Regulatory issues concerning healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceutical industry
German, European and international environmental law
Interdisciplinary studies of biodiversity from economical, legal and natural scientific perspectives
Business law and regulation of major jurisdictions including the German, French, UK, and US systems


Corporate Governance


The Foundation of the Chair Law of Economic Regulation was supported by the COGNOS AG education group in the framework of its strategic partnership with HHL. In 2014, Prof. Dr. iur. Liv Jaeckel was appointed holder of this Chair.

The establishment of the Chair of Law of Economic Regulation reflects the increasing importance of regulation knowledge for business practice. Issues such as standardization of markets, economic governance and economic management through public regulation as well as compliance-related questions are becoming ever more significant in day to day business and offer new opportunities and risks. It is the aim of the Chair of Law of Economic Regulation to analyse and accompany this development and its national, European and international manifestations from a jurisprudential perspective. Due to the interconnection of the Chair with the Center for Health Care Management and Regulation research will also actively pursue issues relating to the regulation of the medical and healthcare market.


In teaching the Chair is orientated towards an interdisciplinary perspective in order to enhance students’ understanding of the interplay between law and economics. Regulation is becoming an increasingly important factor for business decisions. The combination of regulation knowledge and corporate practice shall enable the entrepreneur, who is trained in principles of economic efficiency and entrepreneurial responsibility, to identify the chances and risks of his decision.
The auditors will be integrated actively and will work together on principles of business management with regard to international, European and national regulation. As the multiplicity of regulations will turn still more diversified in a globalized world, teaching will focus on methodical rules and principles and adequate patterns of response. Experts from politics, administration, companies and NGOs will be invited to the lectures.
In the course Regulation in Healthcare knowledge will be deepened and extended exemplarily on the basis of medical and healthcare law. The students will be familiarized with basic aspects of medicine law such as pharmaceutical law, medical devices law and physians’ law. 


On the one hand the legislator specifies the common good with the help of the legal system and on the other hand he aims to achieve an appropriate balance of private interests. The Chair´s research deals with the relevance of concerned groups in regulatory politics and regulation administration. The Chair examines according to which criteria and methods the law balances economic interests and common good. The rationale behind these approaches, in particular the systematic interaction with knowledge, will be considered from an empirical and theoretical perspective.
Based on the connection with the Center for Health Care Management and Regulation a special research interest concentrates on regulatory issues with medical relevance, such as the pharmaceutical and medical devices law.
Moreover the research topic biodiversity with its economic and legal perspectives, that was started together with the TU Dresden and the Saxon State Foundation for Nature and the Environment during an academic conference in autumn 2013, should be continued and further expanded, as biodiversity is a topic which particularly connects innovation and responsibility.


Prof. Dr. iur. Liv Jaeckel
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