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Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen


Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics


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Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen

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Business Process Management in the Field of IT-based Logistics
Intelligent Logistics and Supply Chain Management
IT-based Logistics
Supply Chain Management

Research Areas

Business models for IT-based logistics
Approaches for integrative E-SCM
Organizational development and competence management in companies, predominantly in the logistics sector
Modern IT support solutions for logistics
Evaluation of IT-based logistics applications
Sustainable logistics systems and networks
Logistics and supply chain management in bio-economic cascades


Heinz Nixdorf Foundation
Center for IT-based Logistics Leipzig (CITLOG)
Leading-Edge Cluster BioEconomy
Network Logistics Leipzig-Halle
BVL International – the global supply chain network
BITKOM e.V. - Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Working group Digital Supply Chain)
VFG e.V. - Association supporting the health care industry in the Leipzig region (Working group eHealth)


The Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management was established by the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation in 2007 in order to foster applied research and teaching in the field of efficient logistics systems based on modern information technologies.

Contemporary logistics and supply chain management focuses on the design of optimal material and information flows within national and international value creation chains satisfying the demands of internal and external customers.

In close cooperation with companies and as part of an interdisciplinary network of research partners, we investigate and develop strategies, concepts and methods of IT-based logistics that substantially contribute to the successful development of the regional and supra-regional logistics location.

Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen

You could not step twice into the same river.

The management of logistics and supply chains is actually embedded in a multifaceted and interdisciplinary context. It is not only orchestrating material and information flows but beyond that it is about building bridges between technology, business administration, IT and society, to name only a few.
Especially this chameleon-like nature of logistics and supply chain management in our global and digital world makes 'change' a driving force of practice, research and teaching in this field. Like Heraclitus is often quoted “You could not step twice into the same river”; this becomes also true in a figurative sense for the flow of value creation.

After studying at the LMU Munich, performing doctorate and habilitation at the TU Munich, accepting a deputy professorship at the University of Kassel and acquiring experience in business consultancy for many years in parallel to my research and teaching activities, I joined HHL in 2007 and since then have been holding the Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics. Thus, building a bridge between different disciplines in the context of logistics and supply chain management has become a guiding philosophy for my work. Meanwhile, the third edition of my textbook “IT-gestützte Logistik" (IT-based Logistics) was published by Springer/Gabler.

I am an active member of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB), Commission Production Management, and engaged as a member of the German Logistics Association (BVL).


All courses of the Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics reflect the contents and guidelines of modern logistics management, supply chain management, IT-based logistics and business process management. In a reflexive manner, different theoretical approaches of managing logistical processes will be discussed. Up-to-date theories and concepts, methods and tools to design, implement and control logistics chains are presented.

Both a continuous theory-practice transfer and the activity-based learning approach represent didactical principles of the courses. Latest theoretical and practical discoveries enrich the lectures.

The following teaching methods are applied within the courses:

  • Interactivities
  • Case study work
  • Business games
  • Team work
  • Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Guest speeches
  • Company visits

Course List

  • Logistics
  • IT-based Logistics
  • Business Process Management in the Field of IT-based Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Intelligent Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen: Textbook on IT–based Logistics - 3rd Edition in 2016

 In her book „IT-gestützte Logistik: Systeme – Prozesse – Anwendungen“ (IT-based Logistics: Systems – Processes – Applications“), the author Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen presents the basics and practical applications of the field of research and teaching at the same time. The most important concepts and tools are discussed by means of the logistical process chain - from procurement and production logistics to distribution logistics. Numerous vivid examples give a well-structured insight into the management of IT-based logistics, the success factors as well as framework conditions for the efficient control of logistical processes by means of IT. 

Hausladen, Iris: IT-gestützte Logistik: Systeme – Prozesse – Anwendungen. 3. rev. and enl. ed. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler, 2016
ISBN 978-3-658-13079-4
eISBN 978-3-658-13080-0


The strategic research orientation of the Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics comprises three focal areas in the field of logistics and IT-based logistics. To emphasize the strong IT-related environment of logistics, IT-based logistics is in this respect regarded separately from common logistics and supply chain management.

The Chair's Research Structure

All efforts and activities to conceive and evaluate logistics solutions, which are not only IT-based, are subsumed under the assessment area. Business process management is the focus of the second research area, since business processes are regarded as integral parts especially in IT-based logistics to realize a complementary IT support. All research endeavors are viewed from a business perspective; hence a holistic management approach represents the third research area.

In addition to the strategic research orientation, several single research topics strengthen the academic process at the Chair. These topics are the development of business models for IT-based logistics and approaches for integrative E-SCM as well as the organizational development and competence management in companies, predominantly in the logistics sector. Moreover, our research focuses on the development of modern IT support solutions for logistics and the evaluation of IT-based logistics applications. As a member of the academic group of Sustainability and Competitiveness at HHL, the Chair’s special research interest in sustainable logistics systems and networks leads to synergy effects within the group.

Current Research: The BioEconomy Project

The project BioEconomy had for HHL a running period of three years and represents one of the 15 Leading-Edge Clusters across Germany which were selected in the Leading-Edge Cluster Competition and are supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Its geographic scale extends to the whole region of Central Germany. BioEconomy encompasses all economic sectors processing or producing biomass as feedstock as well as bio-based intermediate and final products which is the reason for an increasing interconnection between these sectors.

The Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics with Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen as chairholder and Andrej Lichtenberg as project associate took an active part in the cluster project BioEconomy. The project task dealt with the research fields of logistics and supply chain management. In the course of the project, a ramp-up concept for an integrated logistics and supply chain management of bioeconomic cascades in the region of Central Germany was developed.

In October 2015, Iris Hausladen and Andrej Lichtenberg published the project report Sollkonzept für integrierte holzbasierte Kaskaden: Entwicklung eines Anlaufmanagements.


Doctoral Project: Management Concept for the Handling of Supply Chain Stress

Beatrice Dachsel investigates the awareness of supply chain stress. Therefore, supply chain stress factors are derived from the literature. In a second step, a management concept will be developed that deals with the different kind of supply chain stress factors. Finally, recommendations for firms for the handling of supply chain stress will be provided.

External Doctoral Project: Datas as a production factor

Torsten Zipf investigates data as a potential fourth production factor besides land, labor and capital. Hereby, he analyses the importance of data for companies and their needs to value Big Data and emerging data trends in order to evaluate and justify related investments. Big Data and related emerging data trends constitute the focus of the dissertation, which incorporates the investigation of services as well as logistics processes involving the movement of physical goods. 

External Doctoral Project: Intelligence Systems Within Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Alexander Haas investigates the utilization of business intelligence solutions in logistics and supply chain management. Firstly, a study among practitioners is conducted to gather information about the perception of business intelligence solutions in logistics and SCM. Secondly, a life cycle-based meta model will be constructed to develop a holistic view of the logistics and supply chain intelligence solutions.

External Doctoral Project: Strategic Risk Management System for Lines Companies in the German Liberalized Energy Market

Kerstin Eiselbrecher analyses the energy supply chain of the German power and gas market at the intersection between lines companies and energy providers. The focus is on the development of a risk management system to protect lines companies from the financial risks associated with energy providers. From these findings, a management concept for lines companies can be deduced that provides implementation guidelines for risk management whilst complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

External Doctoral Project: Big data for strategic network planning in airline networks

Maximilian Schosser investigates the use of big data for strategic network planning in airline networks. The purpose is to identify and evaluate individual big data categories to optimize IT tools for strategic network planning. With the research outcome, airlines should be able to make better informed investment decisions in big data analytics for network planning. 


The Center for IT-based Logistics Leipzig (CITLOG) was initiated thanks to the financial support of the Leipzig Foundation of Innovation and Technology Transfer.

The competence center is organizationally assigned to the Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. The aim of the center is application-oriented project work as well as research in the field of IT-based logistics. In close cooperation with companies, the exchange of knowledge as well as the transfer of innovation and technologies will be ensured. The Center's focus lies on cooperations with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Leipzig region.

Knowledge Transfer

The Chair actively participates in the working group Digital Supply Chain initiated by the German high-tech association BITKOM. Within regular meetings, representatives out of science and practice are trying to identify and standardize IT-based business processes in supply chains.

Th Chair is a member of the working group e-Health, which is initiated by the VFG e.V., an association supporting the health care industry in the Leipzig region. The group’s focus is on the initation of projects that do contribute to the interface of health services and information and communication technologies.

Being a member of the academic group „Sustainability & Competitiveness“ at HHL, the Chair’s efforts in research and practice put a special focus on the topic of sustainability resulting in scientific publications, e. g. in the field of emerging IT solutions and humanitarian logistics. Moreover, the Chair cooperates with local IT enterprises to work scientifically on practical problems in the framework of master theses or studies. Consulting activities for the solution of organizational problems of firms complete the practical transfer of the Chair.

Student Consulting Project - TeamProQ

The Heinz Nixdorf Chair of IT-based Logistics aims at collaborating closely with companies from different sectors. In 2013, four MSc students worked on a field project with the company TeamProQ which has developed a cloud-based software program for real estate management. The purpose of the field project was to provide a business plan for TeamProQ.

Innovation Forum Bio-Logistics

The “Innovation Forum Bio-Logistics” was a six-month project promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and initiated by the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, the Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine (TRM) Leipzig as well as Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK).

The primary objective was to bring together the relevant actors from the field of logistics, especially those with a focus on biomedicine, as well as the establishment of a sustainable regional communication and cooperation platform.
Various logistics challenges still face the implementation of biomedical products. The requirements put on biomedical logistics have been investigated with the aid of a recent market study. The first results were presented within the framework of an opening workshop on 28th March 2011.

From May 17 to 19, 2011, the central event of the “Innovation Forum Bio-Logistics” took place in the Congress Center Leipzig – parallel to the med-Logistica, the congress and technical exhibition of hospital logistics. The program was made up of short presentations on the key aspects logistics, biomedicine and technology as well as ensuing workshops with a practical focus.

Companies and research institutions had the opportunity to pool their competences, establish new contacts, exchange experiences and make out innovation potential through cooperation. Moreover, the entire market study was presented.

In a concluding workshop on June 7, 2011, the results of the event and of the Innovation Forum were evaluated together with the project and consortium partners.
The topic Biomedical Logistics is addressed by the Chair on a continuative basis in discipline-specific events and projects.

Market study on biomedical logistics (in German)

Conference proceedings (in German)

Latest Talks and Events


Hausladen, I./Haas, A. (2015): Joint modeling of data flows and supply chains. Approach compilation and model development. NOFOMA 2015, Molde, Norway, 4-5 June 2015 

Dachsel, B./Hausladen, I./Haas, A./Rakovska, M. Supply chain stress: analysis of influences and impacts. ERS Research Seminar Kopenhagen, Denmark, 23-24 April 2015


Hausladen, I./Dachsel, B./Haas, A. (2014) Trends and potentials of city logistics concept in the age of e-commerce from a sustainability perspective. City & Retail – Urban Suburban Virtual, Leipzig, Germany, 26-27 November 2014

Hausladen, I./Haas, A. (2014) A Joint Maturity Model of Bi-Driven Supply Chains. 14th International Scientific Conference on Business Logistics in Modern Management, Osijek, Croatia, 16 October 2014

Prof. Dr. Iris Hausladen Wie kommt das Paket pünktlich zum Kunden? Moderation Workshop „Studium und Karriere in der Logistik – Aktuelle Trends und Herausforderungen“ Wissenschaftstag Jugend Aktiv Mitteldeutschland Leipzig, Germany, 09 September 2014

Hausladen, I./Lichtenberg, A./Haas, A.: (2014): Supply Chain design in e-mobility supply chain networks. 6. Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität, Duisburg, Germany, 8 May 2014


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