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top HHL Once Again Named the No. 1 Business School in Germany

In a comparison of 107 universities in Germany, the private institution HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management reached the top rank in five out of eight categories, once again leaving behind a large number of private and public business schools. The empirical basis of this year's trendence Graduate Barometer "German Business Edition" are the responses to a survey from 13,646 students during the 2017/18 winter term.

The 2018 trendence Graduate Barometer attests to HHL's leading role in Germany in the following categories:

•        Jobs and digital learning

•        Internationality of the program

•        Quality and service of the counseling

•        Quality and topicality of the library

•        University location

Regarding its practical relevance, lecturers and career service, HHL reached second place — both in Germany as well as among the private universities.

100 percent of HHL students would recommend their university

Even students with critical notes give HHL the highest marks; the average satisfaction with the university overall reached a 1.3 rating, which means "fully satisfied". All respondents would recommend completing a Master's program at HHL. The representative survey anonymously quotes HHL students who gave the following reviews:

"The most professional university I have experienced so far. Any feedback is actively incorporated if possible, you learn something and face new challenges every day."

"HHL looks after its students on a career-oriented, academic and personal level. The educational offer combines theory and practice in a well-balanced manner. Rounded off by top-level employers."

"Very structured program which combines practice and theory following the examples of the American elite university through lectures by renowned professors and case studies. Clear values."

High competency of HHL graduates confirmed

The current survey proves that the students from Germany's first business school have a strong will to perform well with figures. While HHL students are prepared to work an average of 56.1 hours per week in their future positions, students of Master's programs in business administration offered by other universities stated they wanted to invest 44 hours in their jobs. The HHL students also achieve above-average values for their flexibility, resilience and social competency. All of this is accompanied by higher demands from a future employer, e.g., regarding salary, opportunities for personal development and innovative power.

About trendence

trendence is an independent consulting and market research institute for employer branding and personnel marketing, looking back on almost 20 years of experience.  From its surveys, it knows about the career plans and desired employer of three million young applicants worldwide. Employers base their decisions regarding employer branding and personnel marketing on these surveys as their results provide detailed information on the potential applicants. The 'Top 100' rankings of the most desirable employers are a particular focus of interest, acting as guides and benchmarks for employers, applicants and the media alike. trendence also publishes career handbooks for secondary school and university students to facilitate professional orientation.

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