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top Get a taste: Open Lecture in the part-time MBA Program

We invite you to visit us at HHL and to join an MBA lecture. This is a perfect way to get your own impressions about the MBA program and to speak with our students.

We offer the following lectures:

Jul 20, 2018Cost Accounting4 p.m.LeipzigProf. Dr. Bernhard Hirsch
Jul 27, 2018Cost Accounting4 p.m.CologneProf. Dr. Benhard Hirsch
Aug 3, 2018Applied Corporate Finance4 p.m.LeipzigProf. Arshad Ahmad
Aug 10, 2018Applied Corporate Finance4 p.m.CologneProf. Arshad Ahmad
Aug 17, 2018Managing Projects4 p.m.LeipzigIan Diamond
Sep 21, 2018Marketing Management4 p.m.LeipzigJun.-Prof. Dr. Erik Maier
Oct  05, 2018Quantitative Managerial Techniques4 p.m.LeipzigProf. Dr. Martin Weiss
Oct 26, 2018Marketing Management4 p.m.CologneProf. Dr. Manfred Kirchgeorg
Nov 16, 2018International Management4 p.m.LeipzigJun.-Prof. Dr. Tobias Dauth
Nov 23, 2018Financial Management4 p.m.CologneDr. Benjamin Hammer
Nov 30, 2018Human Resource Management4 p.m.LeipzigProf. Dr. Timo Meynhardt
Dec 14, 2018Managing Projects4 p.m.CologneIan Diamond

To join the open lectures, please register beforehand and submit your resume.

Contact: Petra Spanka, Email: petra.spanka(at), Phone +49 (0)341 9851-730.


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