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Digitalization: Porsche Expands Cooperation With HHL

What expectations will junior executives place on Porsche as an employer in 2030? Is it possible to provide executives with an app as a personal coach? What might a digital tool to optimize the time-consuming culture of meetings look like? Student teams from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and the private Code University Berlin examined these questions relating to the topic of "New Work at Porsche" within the framework of the Open Innovation Contest. "BetterMeet" was named the best idea. The digital solution to better structure and prepare meetings promises significant time savings.

The Porsche AG announced to continue several university cooperations for such product and concept developement. The partnership with HHL - a business school near their Leipzig factory - has been in place since 2013. From the very start, the goal was to implement projects with a close practical relation. One example is the Porsche Shield insurance offer which was derived from such a project. It offers additional services which are generally not covered by conventional insurance policies, such as additional physical damage protection for the race course.

A worthy cooperation to win the best talents

In the course of Porsche's digitalization initiatives, the orientation of the respective chair at HHL was refined once again. Led by Stephan Stubner, Dean of HHL and co-founder of the trivago comparison portal, the focus will now be on entrepreneurship in the digital age. Prof. Dr. Stubner says, "Our close cooperation with Porsche has proven itself worthy and grown. The future executives and junior researchers we train are smart and creative partners for product and concept development. We can provide this valuable impact while promoting the entrepreneurial mindset and strengthening it for digital change within the framework of our field projects."

Andreas Haffner, Member of the Executive Board for Human Resources and Social Affairs at Porsche: "Digitalization, increasing connectivity and e-mobility are changing Porsche in a significant way. New digital business models also require new employees with slightly different thought processes and approaches. At just under 50 percent, Generation Y represents the  largest part of the overall staff. Therefore, we are listening very closely what this target group, which so important to us, expects from us as a future employer." Haffner finds it equally important, if not more, "that we communicate to the young people through our increased presence and projects at our partner universities how much they can contribute to shaping the rapid changes at Porsche and personally evolve in the process. Of course, we want to win the best talent for ourselves."

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