DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements

Nataliya Demyanenko of class M18 is the chosen one!

One of 200 students who get this year’s DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of foreign students studying at German universities, chosen out of more than 350,000 international students at German universities and the one and only of the HHL graduates of 2018.

The DAAD Prize has been awarded for over ten years now and comes with prize money of 1,000 Euro. The aim is to give faces to the many international students at German universities and link them with their stories. This illustrates that each international student takes a piece of Germany back to their homeland when they return and also leaves something of themselves in Germany – thus enriching both sides. DAAD: “The students who have received this prize via their respective host institutions stand for their fellow students from all around the world. They are Germany’s future partners in economics, politics and science.”

Nataliya Demyanenko comes from Moscow where – before HHL – she graduated as a Master in the field of international economics at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, known as MGIMO University. Henry Kissinger once called it the “Harvard of Russia”, from which the also well-known politicians Genscher and Thatcher received a honorary doctorate once.  At HHL graduation day Nataliya, new Master with double degree now, was then surprised by the Dean Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner and the Director of International Relations of HHL Frank Hoffmann (on header photo). The Consul General of the Russian Federation for Saxonia and Thuringia, Andrey Yurevich Dronov also expressed his appreciation of her merits as a student and role model and congratuled her on the award.

Nataliya Demyanenko who is currently planning her postgraduate doctorate studies expresses her gratitude: I feel exceptionally honored to receive the DAAD-award for outstanding foreign student performance and would like to express my gratitude towards the organization and its support. To be honest, it was a complete surprise for me, as I can name a number of my fellow students who deserve the prize for their effort in no less degree. I need to admit that it is a very rewarding feeling that individual hard work is appreciated, however, my results are largely based on the excellent opportunities that HHL MBA program offers, genuine support of the administration and, of course, outstanding teaching quality of HHL professors. I would also like to express my appreciation of my friends and colleagues, who I have met at HHL and who have been with me through this year.”

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Photos (c) HHL by Jens Schlüter