The Covid19 Pandemic
Our Challenge – Our Promise

We care about your educational journey – This is our promise to you

We want to make sure to find the right solutions for your personal educational journey without compromising on the excellence of our programs. That is why we have created our HHL Promise. It is a promise that allows you to start your graduate program at HHL this fall.

At HHL, we believe that learning is a journey that should never end. We are now living in times of great uncertainty and everyone here at HHL is committed to helping you with any concern you may have regarding your own personal educational journey.

That’s why we’ve created the HHL Promise. It is a promise that’s allows you to start your graduate program at HHL to secure the best possible future for yourself.  

Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner
Dean of HHL

Intake Fall 2021

We will start all our Fall Intake classes as planned in September 2021. We intend to open the campus and have in-person lectures. HHL is prepared to do so safely, following social distancing and hygiene measures, such as obligatory face coverings, washing hands, providing hand sanitizer and ventilating class spaces regularly.

As international travel might still be restricted and local visa authorities might not be up to full efficiency in time, we will provide hybrid options, so that any students who cannot come onto campus may join the in-person class virtually. Should local or national safety and hygiene regulations require us to do so, we are prepared to begin with online courses in the first few weeks, until it is safe to open the campus back up.

For detailled information on the current situation and respective regulations, check the web pages of our authorities:


Keep up to date with the pandemic developments in Germany, the federal Free State of Saxony and in Leipzig with news from official institutions and regional media

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Our Support

Health & Safety: HHL is by your side

Your safety is our top priority. Should you have any concerns or queries, the tightknit HHL community is there to support you. HHL provides students with resources to help you locate medical support and services should you require to do so – this includes:

  • introductory sessions to the German health insurance system
  • support in registering for health insurance
  • guidance on what to do in a medical emergency
  • health matters FAQ
  • a health dictionary (information for international students)
  • a list of doctors in Leipzig who speak English and other foreign languages
  • access to the Studentenwerk’s psychosocial counselling, and
  • a mental health support hotline.

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