The Covid19 Pandemic
Our Challenge – Our Promise

We care about your educational journey – This is our promise to you

We want to make sure to find the right solutions for your personal educational journey without compromising on the excellence of our programs. That is why we have created our HHL Promise. It is a promise that allows you to start your graduate program at HHL as scheduled.

At HHL, we believe that learning is a journey that should never end. We are now living in times of great uncertainty and everyone here at HHL is committed to helping you with any concern you may have regarding your own personal educational journey.

That’s why we’ve created the HHL Promise. It is a promise that’s allows you to start your graduate program at HHL to secure the best possible future for yourself.  

Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner
Dean of HHL

Upcoming Intakes

We will start all our Spring and Fall Intake classes as planned. Teaching formats vary according to the different situations developing along the pandemic. An HHL Crisis Team is in close contact with the authorities as well as the management of HHL and decides and communicates the measures to be taken. According to the situation we currently switch between hybrid and online sessions.

For detailled information on the current situation and respective regulations, check the web pages of our authorities:


! The entry into Germany from designated risk areas is not allowed ! Please check whether your country is a risk area !

Keep up to date with the pandemic developments in Germany, the federal Free State of Saxony and in Leipzig with news from official institutions and regional media

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Our Support

Health & Safety: HHL is by your side

Your safety is our top priority. Should you have any concerns or queries, the tightknit HHL community is there to support you. HHL provides students with resources to help you locate medical support and services should you require to do so – this includes:

  • introductory sessions to the German health insurance system
  • support in registering for health insurance
  • guidance on what to do in a medical emergency
  • health matters FAQ
  • a health dictionary (information for international students)
  • a list of doctors in Leipzig who speak English and other foreign languages
  • access to the Studentenwerk’s psychosocial counselling, and
  • a mental health support hotline.

Our Triple Hybrid Approach

Ensuring an optimal learning experience for you

Recent advances in digitalization – accelerated by the global pandemic over the past year – have brought about radical a rethinking of education and inspired new tools and methodologies for teaching and knowledge transfer.

HHL swiftly responded to the new requirements and implemented the following measures with our Triple Hybrid Approach:

  1. We have technically equipped our classrooms with advanced videoconferencing IT including double screens and high definition microphones to enable hybrid learning, while still maintaining the high quality of teaching HHL is known for. This means that any student who is unable to attend classes on site due to the current circumstances, can participate virtually, fully integrating into the lecture taking place on campus.
  2. We have evaluated, revised and adapted our didactic teaching method to the specific demands of virtual knowledge transfer, and continue to do so regularly. As a result of student feedback and reflection from the faculty, new techniques have been introduced, tested and optimized. In addition, we are currently introducing a new learning management system (Canvas), which will allow us to further optimize the hybrid learning experience.
  3. HHL professors and staff are continuously being trained on the effective use of new tools and methodologies. A carefully crafted ‘teach the teacher’ program ensures that our students receive the highest quality of teaching informed by cutting-edge insights into digital and hybrid didactics.

These endeavors are a continuous process and guidelines as well as the “Triple hybrid” approach are regularly updated based upon the latest experiences, feedback and benchmarks. Various online tools such as MS Teams, Zoom, Kahoot, Mentimeter and Miro were also made available to students and faculty resulting in new ways to learn and collaborate.

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