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Aug 29th 2019

Interview: Why HHL is awarding an honorary doctorate to Angela Merkel

Professors at HHL answer this question in an interview.

Jun 11th 2019

Leipzig Leadership Lecture with Gerhard Schröder

HHL welcomed former chancellor of Germany.

May 5th 2019

2019 Summer Term Matriculation

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management welcomed 54 new students from nine different nations.

Apr 16th 2019

Accelerate@HHL Conference

From 25 - 26 April 2019 the Accelerate Conference will take place at HHL. An interview with the organization team.

Apr 15th 2019

France: EDHEC Business School

How about studying at French Riviera? HHL´s partnership with EDHEC offers you to do so.

Apr 1st 2019

Ex Red Bull Star Teaching at HHL

Dr. Manfred Hückel has held his “Negotiation Workshop” at HHL with the M.Sc. 18 class.

Mar 24th 2019

Welcoming New Pt. MBA Students

The new Part-time MBA students started their Introduction Week at HHL 2019 in Leipzig.

Feb 14th 2019

Canada: Smith School of Business

HHL has 130 partner universities worldwide - a portrait of the Canadian Smith School of Business.

Dec 19th 2018

Best Entrepreneurial University

2018 Startup Radar: Stifterverband once agains honors the excellent entrepreneurial culture at HHL.

Eva Echterhoff
Director Media Relations