Student Life at HHL
July 19, 2021 | Faculties and Research

Study Experience: MSc and MBA Course “Customer Value Creation”

The course “Creating Customer Value” aims to prepare students successfully and extensively for their work in established companies or start-ups by using tools and frameworks for identifying and managing customer…
July 09, 2021 | Faculties and Research

Strategic Management and Digital Entrepreneurship & Strategic Entrepreneurship

Strategic Entrepreneurship Research Group focuses on growth and excellent research output. With currently more than 30 doctoral candidates and researchers, it is the largest and fastest-growing research group at HHL.
HHL Research Brief
July 01, 2021 | Faculties and Research

Research Brief: How to Counteract the Skill Shortage in the German Labor Market

ReEnter – A Job-Placement-Platform to Counteract the Skill Shortage in the German Labor Market…
HHL Research Brief
July 01, 2021 | Faculties and Research

Research Brief: Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems - An Empirical study on how entrepreneurs gather resources for sustainable activities from the ecosystem…
Expert Talk Henning Zülch Profifußball Corona
June 17, 2021 | Faculties and Research

HHL Expert Talk über die Auswirkungen von Corona auf die Bundesliga

Prof. Dr. Henning Zülch gibt Einblicke in den Status Quo der Bundesliga nach dem Ende der Corona-Saison 2020/21 und diskutiert die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Profifußball, deren Auswirkungen auf die Clubs…
Expert Talk mit Hand-Werner Sinn im Interview
June 09, 2021 | Faculties and Research

HHL Expert Talk mit Ökonom Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Sinn

Professor Wilhelm Althammer vom Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe-Lehrstuhl für Makroökonomie und Professor Hans-Werner Sinn sprechen im HHL Expert Talk über die Politik in der Pandemie und was aus ökonomischer Sicht besser gemacht hätte…
Expert Talk: The real power of coaching
June 07, 2021 | Women in Business

HHL Expert Talk: Discover the Benefits of Executive Coaching

Our 12th HHL Expert Talk will discuss what executive coaching actually is and how it can help your personal career development with concrete cases and in-depth expert perspectives.
NLT Coach Oleg Fedoseev
May 02, 2021 | Faculties and Research

Interview with New Leipzig Talents Coach Oleg Fedoseev

We are excited to share a new interview series with HHL Alumni engaged as New Leipzig Talent (NLT) coaches. Oleg Fedoseev, who joined the NLT coaching team in November 2020,…
April 29, 2021 | Faculties and Research

New Leipzig Talents Coaching Program

New Leipzig Talents program provides M.Sc. and MBA students the opportunity to work with experienced coaches and provides the space to reflect and develop their personal competencies. The coaching program…
September 21, 2021 | Career

Financial Times Ranking 2021: HHL Leipzig Achieves Top Positions

The Financial Times ranked HHL’s full-time M.Sc. Program No. 27 worldwide as well as #5 for graduates’ salaries worldwide (#1 in Germany) and #9 for career service. Get all highlights…
September 02, 2021 | Faculties and Research

Student Consulting Projects at HHL

An important element of studying at HHL are the “field projects”, student consulting projects supervised by a Chair. This cooperation format is offered to companies that look for fresh ideas,…
August 24, 2021 | Women in Business

Women in Business: Taking Risks Helps You Advance in Your Career

In this interview, full-time Master in Management student Sina Maria Nöding opens up about the importance of trusting her gut, how her friends encouraged her to lead one of HHL’s…

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