Can Companies Afford Ethics in Times of Crisis?

by Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek | September 08, 2020
Is ethics a luxury in times of crisis? Watch the replay where Prof. Suchanek explains why if a company really strives for integrity they should be willing to pay a price for it.

HHL Expert Talk: Ethics – A Luxury?

Can you afford ethics in times of crisis? Despite the fact that the importance of (business) ethics is emphasized in public speeches, it is often actually perceived as a kind of luxury which is reserved for good times. Specifically in the context of business you can often hear that fierce competition, tight budgets, time pressure and more lead to no room for idealistic dreams. Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek, holder of the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair of Economic and Business Ethics at HHL, discusses the role and function of (business) ethics.

Can it offer helpful insights?

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Prof. Suchanek challenges the assumption that ethics are a luxury not to be prioritized during an economic crisis. He believes that if a company really strives for integrity, meaning that they try to be sustainable and responsible, they should be willing to pay a price for it. Ethics is an investment, which avoids future costs, enables future cooperation and most importantly: is the right thing to do.

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Dive into the cooperation, as Prof. Suchanke covers the following topics:

  1. The debate: Is ethics a luxury? (00:03:33)
  2. Why is ethics perceived as a luxury? (00:10:53)

The talk finishes off with questions from the audience (00:22:27).

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