2019 Summer Term Matriculation

Welcome Week Following 2019 Summer Term Matriculation Ceremony at HHL

Over the course of a week, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management welcomed 54 new students from nine different nations, such as Denmark, India, France and Turkey. Most of them can look back on some years of professional experience. During the introductory week, they learned about the most essential formalities and got to know each other better by cooking together before starting their first class on Wednesday.

Matriculation ceremony at HHL

This past Monday, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management welcomed a total of 77 students from all over the world with a festive ceremony. The students are completing the part-time MBA program, an international exchange or the doctoral program. Moreover, four National Scholarships were awarded during the event. Working with the German government through this program, the Hitfox Group, SpinLab – The HHL Accelerator as well as the HHL Alumni Association support outstanding students.

“HHL is an idea”

HHL Dean, Prof. Stephan Stubner, congratulated the newly enrolled students on their choice of program, stating:

“HHL is an idea. It is the idea of a group in which everyone knows that studying here means two things — a privilege and a commitment. HHL is a small, individual school fostering the personal development of every single student. At the same time, it means feeling a responsibility to give back to the community.”

Dean Stubner also emphasized that HHL offers a highly international environment as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2018, Stifterverband named the Leipzig-based business school Germany’s best entrepreneurial university. The latest edition of Wallstreet Journal ranks HHL’s Master in Management program as the second best in the world.

“How do you want to unite humankind?”

Prof. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor of the Lahore University of Management Sciences, who gave the ceremonial address during the matriculation event, called on the students to think about their goal. He asked the students how they would like to use the exquisite training from HHL later in life, what they want to achieve with it in the world. “Digitalization seems to be driving society apart at the moment,” he commented. “How would you like to use the knowledge you obtained here to get humankind to come together instead of drifting apart?”

International Advisory Board

Prof.  Ahmad is a member of the International Advisory Board which consists of nine female and two male scientists from Europe, China, America and Russia and was established in 2016 to promote the internationalization of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and consult on long-term trends in research and instruction.

Full-time MBA

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