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What can we learn from Peter Drucker even today, Prof. Maciariello?

Over decades, Prof. Joseph A. Maciariello, Ph.D., was both privately as well as professionally one of the most important associates of Peter Drucker, the father of modern management. He talks about his access to Drucker's work and about the relationship of these two extraordinary scientists of management studies. What remains? Which one or two out of the almost 40 books by Drucker should one definitely read?

In this personal conversation with Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt, Maciariello's unbroken enthusiasm for his mentor is clearly visible. He puts across the benefit of Drucker's ideas to present times. Maciariello dedicates his scientific career to the management of Drucker's legacy, defines his thoughts and concepts and emphasizes the belief in humanity as the normative thread of his entire work.

Consequently, these merits concerning the connection of effective management and ethically responsible leadership in the sense of management studies as liberal arts according to Peter Drucker are the reason for HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management conferring an honorary doctorate to Prof. Joseph A. Maciariello, Ph.D. in December 2016. Link to the video interview:



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