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New Journal Articles by Prof. Dr. Timo Meynhardt

Building blocks for alternative four-dimensional pyramids of corporate social responsibilities

In: Business & Society, (2016), DOI: 10.1177/0007650316650444
Authors: Timo Meynhardt, Peter Gomez

Carroll shaped the corporate social responsibility (CSR) discourse into a four-dimensional pyramid framework, which was later adapted to corporate citizenship and sustainability approaches. The four layers of the pyramid— structured from foundation to apex as economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic (or discretionary) responsibilities—drew considerable managerial attention. An important criticism of the economic foundation of the Carroll pyramid concerns the identification and ordering of the four dimensions, which are inadequately justified theoretically. The authors of this article propose an alternative approach that builds on the public value concept, which integrates a microfoundation of psychological research into basic human needs. Drawing on their Swiss Dialogue process, the authors argue that a four-dimensional pyramid does have heuristic value for managers. The advantage of this alternative pyramid logic is that it may be contingently adapted to different cultural contexts, because it allows adaptive internal reordering. 

Systemic principles of value co-creation: synergetics of value and service ecosystems

In: Journal of Business Research, 69 (2016) August, 2981-989
Author: Timo Meynhardt, Jennifer D. Chandler; Pepe Strathoff

While most investigations of value and value co-creation empirically focus on either the individual micro-level or the collective macro-level, a systemic perspective asserts that investigations at one level, in isolation from the other, are incomplete. Based on synergetics and its core principles of emergence and enslavement (consensualization), we argue that value is a systemic property (i.e. an order parameter) that emerges from micro–macro links in service ecosystems. We propose a framework that begins to unravel the complexity of value co-creation and the dynamics of service ecosystem evolution. We introduce nine systemic principles of value co-creation: critical distance, stability, amplification, internal determination, nonlinearity and feedback, phase transitions, symmetry-breaking, limited predictability, and historical dependence. Based on these, we outline future research opportunities in three areas: the moralization of markets, an acceleration of societal dynamics, and the increasing embeddedness of service in society.

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