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HHL Graduates Earn 25 Percent More than Average

The average initial salary of a Master in Management graduate from HHL is around EUR 61,000, which is a good 25 percent higher than that of other Master graduates in Germany which, according to the latest Stepstone Salary Report, is at around EUR 43,000. Martina Beermann, Director of HHL’s Career Service, comments, “Due to the high quality of the HHL education and our excellent career network, we have seen fast career development in addition to high job security and attractive initial salaries.” Per the 2016 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking, the average has risen to over EUR 80,000 after only three years on the job.

Dirk Graber, HHL alumnus and founder of Mister Spex, Germany’s largest online retailer for branded glasses, says, “My decision to study at HHL has paid off since day one. I financed the tuition fees, which I saw as an investment in my career opportunities, through a student loan from Sparkasse Leipzig. Working for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), I was able to repay it within two years.”

In addition to the classic student loan, applicants can also fund their studies through the so-called “reverse intergenerational contract”. The benefit: the amount to be repaid is based on the income. If the salary is below a certain threshold, the loan does not have to be repaid at all. Outstanding applicants may also benefit from various HHL scholarships.

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