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top Top football club RB Leipzig: an outstanding social event

An independent study of HHL and Friedrich Schiller University Jena on the public value of RB Leipzig investigates the clubs societal value contribution and its capacity to create common good. The design and conduct of the study is similar to a study on FC Bayern Munich carried out in 2013.

Growing success and the rise into the Bundesliga go along with an increasing societal importance of the club; this especially applies to the region of Leipzig. More than other institutions and topics, football permeates society as a whole and performs crucial functions in a society. Football clubs have great potential for societal impact, to form individual attitudes and values with regard to social interaction, in short to shape society. This is why RB Leipzig’s main activity may be referred to as “victory and defeat” linked to business success. In the current historical social context of the region of Leipzig, however, RB‘s social importance and its contribution to the common good lies well beyond that. 

The Red Bull sponsored club is subject of controversial debate. Economic interests and the intention to make a profit seem to contradict the concept of common good and thus the benefit for society.

Based on the public value theory that assumes a societal benefit of every organization, the aim of the study is to answer the question: What makes RB Leipzig valuable for society?

The study focuses on Leipzig and East Germany and shows that through its core activities RB Leipzig positively affects the common good mainly within the local society. This contribution goes well beyond sportive success and a position in the Bundesliga table.

RB Leipzig is not only a new player in sports or an economic growth factor but also promoting common good. The club is a social event and may fall back on cultural, social and political resources, which need a courageous and responsible management.

From a societal perspective, a central value contribution consists of a strong focus on success and the determination to achieve it. This is not just a matter of money but requires a capable management. This is „Capitalism at its best” in a region not necessarily correlated with success. The club stands for the motto ‚Performance pays off and leads to success‘.  At the same time, sportive and business success create a new winning spirit within the collective and thus further shape the East German identity. The East of Germany is competitive again. The region is seeing new perspectives.

Given the chances of RB to score in the region Prof. Meynhardt says: „The still young relationship between RB and the region now depends on RB seeing itself as part of the East German society and encouraging people to identify more clearly with the cosmopolitan city of Leipzig and Eastern Germany. The region will go through thick and thin with the club if this relationship is accepted. A functioning relationship is the best protection against a collective withdrawal of affection.”

Summary of the study (in German):

Meynhardt, Timo; Frantz, Eduard: Der Public Value des RB Leipzig

Media Coverage:

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