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Leipzig Book Fair: EEX and HHL Discuss the Practice of Value-Based Leadership

When the Leipzig Book Fair kicked off on Thursday, March 23, 2017, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management presented a book reading and discussion on the topic of "Rethinking Leadership – How Leadership Can Be Successful in Times of Fundamental Change". More than 70 people accepted the invitation and attended the event held at Leipzig's City Hochhaus, where EEX is headquartered.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Dean of HHL, introduced the Leipzig Leadership Model, which the school recently launched. Peter Reitz, Chairman of the Executive Board of EEX, talked about the challenges and opportunities when leading a globally active company based on this model.

Prof. Dr. Pinkwart explained, "Good leadership starts with the question of purpose, finds common values with the employees and invests in trust, close contact and openness of the employees towards changes."

Reitz commented, "Common values are of the essence in order to lead the EEX group with over 400 employees at 15 locations worldwide to sustainable success. In this context, the Leipzig Leadership Model gives us helpful impetus for how we can translate our values of customer-orientation, respect and entrepreneurship successfully into targeted strategies, structures and processes in our everyday work."

The Leipzig Leadership Model takes into consideration a focus on new concepts of sustainable, responsible leadership in companies which is gaining more and more attention in companies and the public eye in light of dynamic change. The task of good leadership is to make a contribution to a greater good based on the purpose of the organization.

The book on the Leipzig Leadership Model was published in March 2017: 

Kirchgeorg, Manfred; Meynhardt, Timo; Pinkwart, Andreas; Suchanek, Andreas; Zülch, Henning: Das Leipziger Führungsmodell: the Leipzig Leadership Model. 2. revised and enlarged edition. Leipzig: HHL gGmbH, HHL Academic Press, 2017. ISBN 978-3-9818509-2-5

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is Europe's leading energy exchange. It develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy products and commodities. On the EEX markets, power, coal, CO2 emission allowances, as well as cargo and agricultural products are traded or registered for clearing. EPEX SPOT, Powernext, Cleartrade Exchange (CLTX), Gaspoint Nordic and Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) are also part of the EEX group. Clearing and settlement of all exchange transactions is executed by European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC).

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is a university-level institution and ranks amongst the leading international business schools. The goal of the oldest business school in German-speaking Europe is to educate effective, responsible and entrepreneurially-minded leaders. HHL stands out for its excellent teaching, its clear research focus, its effective knowledge transfer into practice as well as its outstanding student services. According to the Financial Times, HHL ranks first in Germany and fifth globally for its entrepreneurship focus within the M.Sc. and EMBA programs. HHL is accredited by AACSB International.



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